Freecom USB External Hard Drives ?

  freaky 18:17 12 May 07

Need an external USB(2) HD for my Wife's PC to use as a backup. Novatech are selling them quite cheaply....are they good drives ?

  richardcockbain 19:09 12 May 07

I've been looking at these for backing up my home PCs and am amazed at the low price for the amount of storage. I cannot comment on them myself but if you go the site below you'll find some positive user feedback.

click here

Hope this helps.

  wjrt 19:15 12 May 07
  freaky 19:41 12 May 07

Not too keen on Maxtor, had one of their Internal HD's fail a few months back.

Also got A Maxtor One Touch external HD on one PC and it's very slow, also the on/off switch is a bit dicky !

  rdave13 19:54 12 May 07

I haven't got a Freecom external harddrive but have their external DVD optical drive. Had it for a year now and seems well built and no problems. Would buy a harddrive from them if I needed one.

  Terry Brown 19:57 12 May 07


Sorry you seem to be unlucky, I have been using Maxtor drives for quite a while now, and when I did have a problem (the drive was about 3 years old), I contacted Maxtor, who recommended their own drive tester and repairer, which worked perfect; I an still using the disk (now as backup) and it is 6 years old.

  hzhzhzhz 22:05 12 May 07

I've had a Freecom Classic 160gb for 4 months.No problems as yet.

click here
use the google checkout and you save £14 on the novatech price

  Joe R 22:18 12 May 07


I've had a Freecom classic 250Gb external drive for around 18 months now, and with almost daily usage, have never had a single problem.

  lester1 23:49 12 May 07

Same as Joe R no problems

  smoking44 01:28 13 May 07

no problems with my freecom external drive these past 12 months

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