Free copy of Alpha Five 5 Spring PCA

  Newuser38 21:07 03 Feb 03

Did 250 of you really get in front of me and snaffle the 250 free latest version of this 'relational database program offering sophisticated custom application-design ability through its easy menu-driven coding'. Serves me right for even lusting after a freebie. They are offering a reduced price of £150 to me as an Alpha Five 4.5 registrant. Now should I succumb or follow Flecc to hyperwhatsit??

  Newuser38 18:29 04 Feb 03

Refresh did any one get a freebie?

  rawprawn 22:30 05 Feb 03

Not me

  anchor 12:21 06 Feb 03

Nor me!, was it a catch?.

  weedode 16:14 06 Feb 03

I thought I got in quick but no joy. Offered the same deal as you !

  Newuser38 11:21 08 Feb 03

Refresh not even one!?

  anchor 12:23 08 Feb 03

It seems it probably was a catch.

PCA please note!.

  Newuser38 22:16 13 Feb 03

It seems the method of allocating the 250 was that every 5th registration would be offered one.
There are only 4 of us in this thread!!

  Elrond 11:26 14 Feb 03

I don't know how many of you are subscribers and get it to your door. But don't subscribers generally get their copy earlier than the shelves? Maybe they all dived in before us non(well i've just subscribed)subscribers

  pj123 12:00 14 Feb 03

I get my copy through the door, before anyone else and I have not been offered a freebie?

  zanwalk 14:10 14 Feb 03

Although I am not a subscriber, I did register it the first day.

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