Free Caller ID from BT

  smokingbeagle 01:36 08 Jul 05

1st July 2005 - Caller Display IS NOW FREE to BT residential customers who make 'some' calls via BT.

This can be activated by calling the automated order line:

0800 916 55 44

N.B. There's a second option when you make that call - to register for the Telephone Preference Service (to stop cold callers).

You can choose either or both options just by pressing keys in response to the voice prompts.

Official Insert

To qualify for the free caller display you will need to sign up for the new FREE service they are launching, Privacy at Home which also includes the free option of Telephone Preference Service.

  Stuartli 09:42 08 Jul 05

You can register for the Telephone Preference Service (and junk mail if you wish) at:

click here

It's a very effective service but, unfortunately, cannot stop cold calls from overseas as will be appreciated.

  Stuartli 09:45 08 Jul 05

..and, for those still using dialup, a computer version of Caller ID software listings can be found, amongst others, at:

click here

click here

  TomJerry 16:25 08 Jul 05

line rent is still too high

  Pooke 19:29 08 Jul 05

I'd have no need for my ntl phone, but they made me take it with the tv package, grrr. Any chance of them following suit?

  cymbo 20:01 08 Jul 05

Thanks for the info.
I am paying £4-46 per quarter for Caller Display which is listed on my bill as "Network Services Rental".

  cymbo 23:48 11 Jul 05

Apologies for delay in responding, I didn't know there had been another post. Yes I did forget the VAT.



  Danoh 11:32 12 Jul 05

There's always a catch; what is it if just registering for Caller Display?

  MS35 18:07 17 Jul 05

Doesn't seem to be a catch see FAQ on link from crx1600. You can take the caller display but not register for TPS (but why would you not want to? !) or cancel your existing caller display and switch to the free version.

  mikef. 19:22 17 Jul 05

Thanks smokingbeagle, just signed up for it

  Danoh 20:54 17 Jul 05

Thanks, MS35. The BT recorded message warns that TPS could stop calls that you do want. Combined with getting very, very few cold callers makes that too large a risk.

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