Flash USB mem that works with WIN98SE

  canard 22:42 01 Dec 05

Bought Dabs cheapo easy disk- works a treat with XP but WIN98 SE refuses to recognise drivers. Would like to buy 4 more flash USB mems [Xmas stocking fillers] that install easily on WIN98 SE. Advice appreciated.

  CMC 42 22:49 01 Dec 05

Try click here or click here

The Amazon one is the one I've got - and it comes with a driver installation disc for Windows98.

  beeuuem 22:51 01 Dec 05

I have a Crucial Gizmo that works well on 98SE.
( even after a 40c wash cycle!!) You will need to D/L the drivers from the site.

click here for prices.

  canard 23:22 01 Dec 05

The crucial stocking filler is not compatible with 98SE so have ordered the one from Play.com - fingers crossed that it will do the biz. Thankyou CMC 42 and beeuuem. Just realized I would have been safer ordering the Amazon one- knees knocking while I await results!

  beeuuem 00:09 02 Dec 05

Did not intend to mislead you re: Crucial. Mine was bought some time ago.

  canard 00:50 02 Dec 05

Beeuem I realised that what they had online had changed- but thanks anyway.

  keewaa 10:25 02 Dec 05

I had a problem with a flash driver and 98SE, but it turned out to be a weird driver problem, I think from memory there was USB 1 and USB2 drivers, and although I only had USB1 I had to install the USB2 srivers for it to work ... why they offered USB1 drivers in the first place was a mystery.

  realist 12:46 02 Dec 05

I had this same problem finding a flash drive compatible wirh w98se. I was recommended to buy the Intelligent Stick USB and it works a treat, and is compatible with both W98se and XP and USB 2.0 and 1.1. I see Maplins now stock them click here

  realist 13:21 02 Dec 05

re my above post.....cheaper (64mb) available from hereclick here

  canard 22:50 03 Dec 05

Realising that WIN98 SE was pre USB memory gizmos so it's tricky to get them to work together have ordered dinky card/stick readers with cheap usb flash pens as stocking fillers for the WIN98 SE descendants. Just hope the combo works!
Thank you everyone for the helpful advice.

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