First day of the week?

  Simsy 15:24 17 Jul 07

I'm sure that for most folk the first day of the week is Monday, and for many it may be Sunday...

However I reaaly need to locate a diary that is configured with Saturday as the first day of the week.

Anyone come across one, and can point me in the right direction?

I'm not having much luck with Google!



  Al94 15:40 17 Jul 07

The calendar in Outlook 2003 can be configured any way you want including staring the week on a Saturday

  Simsy 15:50 17 Jul 07

I should have make it clear that it's a "real", not "virtual" diary I'm talking about... something I can write in and put in my pocket!



  Pine Man 16:24 17 Jul 07

'it's a "real", not "virtual" diary I'm talking about... something I can write in and put in my pocket!'

You mean ....with a pen!

  robbiepaul79 16:26 17 Jul 07

haha made me laugh anyway

  Simsy 16:27 17 Jul 07


EGT we call it;
Eraseable Graphite Technology!



  puma22 19:37 17 Jul 07

something for the pocket? How about a palm? I have a tungsten t3 (replaced by the TX) and there is an option to have any day as the start of the week day.

  Simsy 19:45 17 Jul 07

but no...

My work is completely based around weeks starting on Saturdays. The whole infrastructure revolves around it. Loads of us do shiftwork and forever have changing shifts. We need to WRITE them down. For some reason, so it seems, we are no longer going to be provided with diaries that accomodate this slightly unusual need, so I'm trying, (in vain) to source some.




  Al94 20:16 17 Jul 07

A couple of suggestions, contact them to see if they can help

click here

click here

  Simsy 22:01 17 Jul 07

and a couple of others...

I'm happy to take any other suggestions!



  spuds 22:28 17 Jul 07

Perhaps not of help, but I believe there is a mainly Afro Caribbean peoples supported religion that as churches and meeting halls in most large cities, that use Friday as their religious day, and Saturday as the first day of the week.

Perhaps seeking information in that quarter may provide an answer regarding calenders.Only a guess though!.

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