Firefox&PCA site

  RockDockDud 13:11 12 Sep 07

Im using firefox as my browser,which is very fast on the majority of sites,but this one is particularly slow.
IE7 is like lightening as is Opera (on PCA).
Ive gone through Firefox tweaks,turned off pipelining etc,this improved things,but ive narrowed it down to turning off /allowing PCA in adblock plus.

I wondered if anyone else has the same issue,and if they have the add on installed could they try with it disabled.
Ive tried creating a new profile and reinstalling firefox from scratch to no avail.I do prefer firefox ,just dont want the adds
Any help greatly appreciated
ps ive heard about hosts file as an alternative,any advice on that too

  HondaMan 14:30 12 Sep 07

I'm using it now, just to see if mine is slow as you describe. Mine is working fine.

  Stuartli 18:17 12 Sep 07

I use FF for 99 per cent of the time I'm online, which is many hours over the course of a week.

It's as fast on PC Advisor's website as on any other example.

  RockDockDud 18:21 12 Sep 07

thanks for replies,
Do you both use the adblock plus add on?
Can you think of anything else i could try?

  RockDockDud 06:13 13 Sep 07

it seems to be running faster now,ive uninstalled/reinstalled adblock plus,this time without the filtersetg updater add on,this is not compatable according to this link
click here

  Stuartli 09:03 13 Sep 07

I don't use the Adblock add-on, just the standard FF pop-up blocker.

I also use Finetune Firefox. See:

click here

Quick, simple and saves doing it manually via about:config

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