Finally decided to switch broadband

  JoE. 14:54 02 Aug 07

But I'm not too sure how everything works!
I know I've got to ring up Toucan (our current provider) and get a MAC code, then give that to Sky when we sign up with them.

Then will Toucan cancel our payments or will we have to do that?
If so, when?
And how long will we likely be without internet?
So many questions, so little knowledge!

  Clapton is God 15:20 02 Aug 07
  JoE. 15:32 02 Aug 07

Looks worryingly easy :P

  Probabilitydrive 15:48 02 Aug 07

JoE. it should be straight forward. I switched a few days ago (with a few hiccups on the way)click here

The only thing I would ask your current ISP is whether you have been put on a LLU MAC code = (Local Loop Unbundling is the process where the incumbent BT makes its local network -the copper cables that run from customers premises to the telephone exchange- available to other companies) and if yes, whether your future ISP is accepting it. The rest, speeeed.

  malgall 19:28 07 Aug 07

i have just changed from pipex to zen
with no problems transfer went fine
as for payments depends if you pay by direct debit cancel it after the last payment
if by credit card check your statement
and hope they get it right

  Cactiphile 12:16 20 Nov 07

If you had problems with Toucans customer service
please let me know at:

click here

  john bunyan 15:57 20 Nov 07

malgall. Im thinking of switching from Pipex to Zen also. I have a very good Linksys wireless modem/router gateway but Zen indicated their router would be easier to install. Did you switch wireless modem/ router ? It seems a bit complicated as you change e mails and other settings when you switch ISP's.Any advice?

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