Final Media Player review (Avoid)

  Portal11 14 May 11

having a film in a MKV format i needed to have a media player with the MKV compatibility, i did some reviews on the "final media player" and was recommended from microsoft's suggestions, as it was installing i was prompted to install Yahoo toolbar and a few other bits of software! like scanning and anti malware progs i UNCLICKED them all then was really annoyed to find out the program had STILL installed them all!??

my pc has been subjected to spam popups everytime when i open a browser and now it looks like i will have to uninstall the media player!

Its also worth pointing out this media player cannot whilst watching a film jump to later chapters or fast forwards!??? not sure why they havent thought of this basic option??

how come microsoft support such a company?

  Portal11 14 May 11

124 thanks for your reply! yea i did forget to mention that "Windows did search the internet for software to play the files" they suggested the Final media player as first option!

i am not sure of the grounds they come to state this as there prefared player but its terrible!

ive just got hold of VLC and i agree with you its not the best looking one but its a decent one and does the jobs well.

Thanks again

  WyckedNite 02 Sep 11

Hey there. I was looking for a DL to be able to play .flac files & found the "finalmediaplayer" was endorsed by Microsoft as a solution (since my windows media player doesn't play .flac files). However, when I went to the website ( after clicking the "learn more" link(really small letters that most people ignore), the last sentence on that page was "Advertisers & Publishers - Learn more about generating revenue and traffic from your Windows application using InstallIQ™." Above that disturbing sentence is the info stating that finalmediaplayer is going to put "cookies" on your computer so that they can keep track of you/your computer & the DL's you do. Also disturbing was that they would give you a "unique id." Even for a non-techie such as myself, that was a red flag. So I went looking for reviews of this product & this was the first I found.
To the person who said they DL'd this program & now get pop ups all over the place--you can bet that just uninstalling this program isn't going to be enough. There are bound to be some hidden codes/files placed on your hard drive that will continue to allow certain components of this program to continue to work even if you do the run-of-the-mill uninstall! And I doubt Microsoft knows (or cares) that this company is using the DL as a way to generate revenue through selling pop up adverts. MS got their money, so they'll promote finalmedia until the contract to do so runs out & someone else comes along to pay for endorsement.


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