File Washer 6 not sending email with Registration Details

  sharpe 30 Nov 13

Has anyone else had problems trying to complete the registration details for File Washer 6, the free program on this months mag, (Feb 2014, Issue 223). Have loaded the program fine but when it asks for email details in the registration process, it states that I will receive an email and tells me what to do.BUT.... no email has arrived, and yes I have put correct details down and in fact have tried it several times in last 24 hours but all to no avail, no first email with registration process has arrived so it will not let me complete second part of registration (confirmation) So does anyone know if there is a problem at or is this an offer (on cover disc) that has been withdrawn. Regards, Phill

  spuds 30 Nov 13

Your best bet is to contact Matt Egan or the Forum Editor via the 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page, for an possible answer to your difficulties.

  sharpe 30 Nov 13

Hi Spuds, I was just trying to get the feel of this problem to see if it is only me or an issue that affects everyone who bought this months pcadvisor ad has tried to register online. I am sure that I have entered everything correctly and therefore unless there is a problem with 1-ABC, (the program supplier's) website then I guess PC Advisor staff will soon pick this up themselves when people have the same problem as me. Sharpe

  sharpe 30 Nov 13

Hi Both have taken your advice and notified forum editor, thanks Phill (sharpe)

  Forum Editor 01 Dec 13

"have taken your advice and notified forum editor"

I have received no email from you, but I have passed your problem to someone in the office who may be able to help.

  sharpe 01 Dec 13

Hi forum editor, I did send you an email off the contact forum editor on this page, sorry if it has gone missing but it was just asking you to read my post and see if it affects others with the disc. regards phill

  Software Editor 03 Dec 13

Hi all,

Please use the link here to activate your registration click here. We can confirm that activation via this link definitely works.

If you require any further assistance please directly email [email protected] and they will be able to forward an activation key directly to you.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards, Software Editor

  sharpe 03 Dec 13

Hi all, as no one has flagged up this as a problem I have assumed that it is me at fault here so I have deleted it and will try another program. I have tried ticking this as resolved but for the life of me can't see how to do it

  sharpe 03 Dec 13

oops nearly missed the last post

  sharpe 03 Dec 13

That was the link that I used have just tried it again and it is not sending out activation key/number. Maybe it is Virgin (my service provider who is blocking it?)

NB I fill out the details, it tells me I will get an email and no email comes?

  sharpe 03 Dec 13

When the link above is used it says that a further email will be sent out to verify account but that email fails to arrive. There is no problem with the link coming up after the software is loaded. It is after the three details required ie First Name, Surname and Email are filled in and sent off, that the promised email back fails to arrive.

Has anyone from PC Advisor tried to go past this point regards, Sharpe


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