For a few pixels more

  chapeau 17:01 PM 13 Aug 11

My NEC crt monitors are unfortunately showing signs of age. Replacement is needed, for around £ 120 I can find a range of 22 inch monitors, for around £ 150 I can find a range of TV's with vga sockets. So when I am not working I could watch TV. What are the pros and cons of this situation. Is it worth paying a bit more or will I be loosing out on the computer monitor .? Your ideas please.

  ICF 09:37 AM 14 Aug 11

I have two Samsung tv/monitors and both are excellent.You say VGA be carefull if that's what you want as most monitors will be have the DVI interface.You can get VGA to DVI adapters so not a big problem.

  birdface 12:10 PM 14 Aug 11

I also have a Samsung TV/Monitor and it works fine.But that is looking at it straight on looking from a different angle maybe just not as good.

It is handy when you get fed up on the computer just change it to TV or press the button to change it back to the Monitor.

Ideal for my use.

I bought mine from either E-buyer or Amazon and got free delivery, and not sure if I got a free 3 year warranty with it or not.

  finerty 18:20 PM 25 Aug 11

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