Ferro Liquid Display Computer Monitors?

  MJGraham 24 Jul 12

Is there any fld (ferro-liquid display) computer monitors on the market? Where can i get them from?

  Terry Brown 26 Jul 12

Why do you want a ferro-liquid display unit?

A well ventilated room or a fan cooler in the room would be much more efficient and cheaper.


  MJGraham 26 Jul 12

My partner and I do a lot of reading and writing on our computer. Most computer monitors seemed to be designed for watching videos and playing computer games. But devices with such as the kindle or Sony reader have screens which are more reading and writing friendly, and cause less eye-strain, Since these devices use ferro-liquid displays, it makes sense to me to try and find computer monitors that suits the way I use my computer. A way that will not lead to headaches and eye-strain.

  MJGraham 26 Jul 12

I meant to say:

"Since these devices use ferro-liquid displays, it makes sense to me to try and find computer monitors with FLD as they would suits the way I use my computer, and lead to less headaches and eye-strain."

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

My understanding is that the e-readers use e-ink electrophoretic displays which would not be suitable for mouse movement because of the low refresh rate.

You may well be better off adjusting the lighting in the room and the contrast/colours and brightness of the monitor. Also look at the accessibility options for different colour text on different colour backgrounds.

  interzone55 26 Jul 12

If you have a Kindle or such like, just see how long it takes the page to refresh, then imagine that king of delay every time you move your mouse.

That's why PCs don't have these types of display


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