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  TOPCAT® 11:18 20 Nov 04

Please delete my thread: "Government postpones........." The link is affected by a virus - I-Worm Bofra (not sure of the exact name) which I've now got on my computer. AVG 7 alerted me briefly before my PC froze completely but didn't manage to quarantine it in time. Further checks do not pick it up now and I cannot use System Restore either.
To stop it spreading further via my email addresses I've printed out my address book contents and deleted all in it before going online again.

Any ideas on getting rid of it please anyone? TC.

  Sir Radfordin 11:39 20 Nov 04
  Sir Radfordin 11:40 20 Nov 04

Clearly that link won't work but do a google search for I-Worm Bofra removal and you should find a tool from Symantec to get rid of it

  Forum Editor 11:40 20 Nov 04
  Forum Editor 11:42 20 Nov 04

as Sir Radfordin. Just click on the blue text to go to the removal tool page.

  Sir Radfordin 12:00 20 Nov 04

PS - despite clicking on the link (for research purposes!) and runing Symantecs tool the virus has not been found on my PC. Hopefully you get the same end result.

  Forum Editor 12:14 20 Nov 04

although it does need email to replicate. The worm actually exploits an Internet Explorer vulnerability, and Microsoft is currently writing a security update for it.

When you have an infection the worm places a hyperlink in outbound mail The link points back to your own machine, and when the link is clicked the accessing computer is infected by code that has been dropped in your machine. It's clever, and difficult to spot. AVG will pick up a couple of files, but at the moment there's no guarantee it will fix the virus.

Go to the removal tool link that's posted above, and follow the instructions PRECISELY.

  TOPCAT® 12:19 20 Nov 04

I've run the Symantec tool and it stated no Bofra virus on my computer. Could this be because I'd already removed everything in my Address Book? Surely there would be some registry entries to get rid of. TC.

  Belatucadrus 12:30 20 Nov 04

click here for another Bofra cleaner

  spuds 12:52 20 Nov 04

Replied to TC's original post,nothing showed on my computer safeguards.Checked with Belatucadrus's download cleaner. Nothing reported.

  TOPCAT® 13:34 20 Nov 04

I've run the Sophos eradicator tool and it too gives me a clean bill of health. Blessed if I know what happened but I think cleaning out my Address Book sort of killed it.

Closing this thread now but another is continued in the Helproom. Thanks everyone for your help. TC.

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