Faulty Epson printer.

  Bowsprit 10:01 06 Jun 04

My Epson printer seems to be faulty and will have to be returned under warranty.The black cartridge is a compatible, should i go to the expense of buying a genuine Epson cartridge or will it make no difference.Or can they check that the printer has been using compatibles anyway.

  ukdrifteruk 10:41 06 Jun 04

For what it is worth I would toss it in the bin and buy a Canon it will cost you £60 or so to send it and my experience wit Epson is not fit to put in here.If you tell them you have used compatible it will be their excuse to call the warranty viod.

  Bowsprit 10:52 06 Jun 04

It's an A3 printer and at £269 a bit expensive to bin.

  Rayuk 13:28 06 Jun 04

I think I would put in an Epson cartridge before sending it back

  Bowsprit 13:42 06 Jun 04

I think i will nip out to PC World and buy one, to hell with the expense.

  Jarvo 18:17 06 Jun 04

Epson customer service is second to non. I have seen a number of threads concerning this and from my experience they will tell you to keep your cartridges and send you new ones with your exchange printer within 24 hours (less than 12 hrs for me :-) ). The only question I have is why go to the extent of buying a A3 photo printer and using cheap inks? I have seen many tests and cheap inks do not give the same colour balance or life as originals, Epson inks are not that badly priced as you are not paying for a new print head every time, I would stick with the originals if I was you.


  Andybear 20:04 06 Jun 04

When I returned my faulty Epson they sent someone to collect it and replace it with a new one. They didn't charge me for the collection. So where does the £60 come into it?

It is better and safer to remove all cartridges before trusting the printer to the vagaries of the modern courier.

  maz2 23:34 06 Jun 04

Epson don't send couriers in my experience you report the fault and they send someone out to replace it, that's what happened to me anyway. I was also using compatibles but removed them before they called and just told them that I had run out of ink, no problem, they just replaced the printer. If you are looking for good compatibles for Epson try Jet Tec never had any problem with them, they are a bit more expensive but a lot of places do 2 for 1, I find them as good as the real thing

  ened 06:52 07 Jun 04

I have an Epson Stylus 925 which has always had clogged up jets from day one. At first I thought it was my fault for not using it enough. Epsom customer service were useless!!!
I didn't send it back because of the difficulty in sending anything back to Ebuyer. It is now out of warranty and if I don't use it daily, one or more of the colours is sure to fail to print until I clean the print head.
2 lessons I learnt:
1)Buying on the net is fine (Admittedly I have had no problems with anything else) but for the price saving it is a gamble and next time I will buy from Jessops because you can always go into one of their shops and they will always match the price.
2) I won't buy another Epson because of the attitude of their so called customer care team.

  bananaslik 09:58 09 Jun 04

hi Bowsprit,i have been using an epson printer for the past 4 years (stylus colour 880)it has always used compatable cartridges & never let me down & getting a colour & black cart for £2.50 a set it's great.Well done epson-quality machines..

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