False Barclays & Lloyds TSB emails again.

  March Hare 10:47 03 Aug 04

These guys never give up do they? I've had emails ostensibly from both of these banks (who I don't have accounts with) this morning. I didn't open them, but no prizes for guessing what they contained. Just heard a spokesman for Lloyds on the radio warning that the banks NEVER email and ask for security information. If in doubt, delete - never reply.

This is a subject which has often been aired on PCA Forums, so I hope there's nobody here who isn't aware of this scam, but it's worth another mention.

  Methedrine 13:09 03 Aug 04

Thanks friend. I know about the ebay scam but I didn't know about this one. Cheers.

  pj123 13:43 03 Aug 04

March Hare. Yes you are right. They never give up because they know that there are millions of gullible people out there who will answer and give information over the internet. Not just banks but lot's of other scams as well. 419 being possibly the biggest. Unfortunately, on this Forum we can't possibly warn everyone about the scams. Many years ago there was an ad on TV which caught lot's of people, it was closed down, but I notice it is now back up and running again under the same name. I wouldn't go anywhere near it, but only people of my age may remember it so they are now capturing "newbies".

  Colin 12:54 04 Aug 04

pj123, what ad is that?

  Stuartli 13:10 04 Aug 04

Same thought came to my mind...:-))

  Stuartli 13:12 04 Aug 04

It's not the one where the middle-aged blonde wearing a swimsuit has a bath and uses a special seat to lower herself into the water and then get out again by any chance...?

  Alebe 22:06 06 Aug 04

Just had another false e-mail come in to me, this one is supposedly from the Abbey bank which I have no connection with. Seem to get a lot of begging letters. None ever opened, I just see the subject line. I am sure I have recently seen an e-mail address to send information to regarding the bank scams but of course can't remember where I saw it. Does anyone else know of this?


  Stuartli 09:24 07 Aug 04

There's also the NatWest e-mail....

I think this may be the organisation you are thinking of to report such phlishing e-mails:

click here

  carver 10:18 07 Aug 04

I know that everyone is getting these fake E-mails but I've just had the same one from Abbey Bank asking to update my credit details with them, the strange thing is that until 6 days ago I had no dealings with Abbey bank until I was sent a form last Monday telling me I can have any one of their credit cards.

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