Fake memory cards. How to spot them.

  dagnammit 10:51 12 Jan 09

click here

Is a guide produced by an ebay member. Also contains contact numbers for manufacturers.

Have you bought fake cards? Have you had bad experiences with fakes?

After going through the guide I can confirm all mine are genuine.

  Stuartli 10:56 12 Jan 09

Why bother with e-Bay and associated risks with some shady sellers?

7DayShop, for instance, sells top brand memory cards at very competitive prices:

click here=

  dagnammit 11:26 12 Jan 09

I don't personally buy memory from ebay, amazon market place etc.

It's a useful guide all the same and from what I've read fakes can easily enter the proper supply chain.

  spuds 11:54 12 Jan 09

I seem to remember that a well known internet company (?) had problems with a certain software programme which proved to be very questionable ;o)

Fair dues to the company, they did a recall on the 'shady' item, once the error was found and noted.

  Marko797 12:20 12 Jan 09

why take the risk & subject urself to potential problems (ebay)? Buying from a reputable supplier provides some security of refund/replacement. Same principle applies in buying anything really.

  hssutton 13:03 12 Jan 09

Agree with Stuartli, why waste your time buying such as flash memory off Ebay.

A quick check on Ebay shows 8Gb Kingston Elite Pro 133x CompactFlash (CF) Memory Card at £16.95 + £2.95 PP. No doubt you will probably find them cheaper if you search.

I've just received from 7dayshop two x 8Gb kingston Elite Pro 133x CF for £21.38 and that includes P&P.

I also do not have to worry if they are fake or not

  Stuartli 13:19 12 Jan 09

As you say, said company quickly put matters right.

It was the supplier of the software that was at fault and wouldn't necessarily have been spotted initially by the company (as you know it sells hundreds of different products).

I've dealt with it over a number of years and, like hssutton, found it first class.

But it is just one of many I deal with.

  Stuartli 13:22 12 Jan 09

I wasn't knocking your link, only suggesting that dealing with small traders on such websites is not always the soundest policy.

On the other hand, the few I use via e-Bay have never let me down.

But where's there's money there's quite often a fiddle and you will always find unscrupulous people in any walk of life.

  orangehippo 15:36 14 Jan 09

hi. i know someone who works for sony. he gave me this small card that can detect if seal of the memory card is real or a knock off. i found it really helpful but works only for sony.

click here Blockbuster Finds!

  Stuartli 09:13 15 Jan 09

Oh really?

About 5 minutes before I saw this thread I just ordered a 2GB Sony memory stick from Amazon, although it is being sold by flash_memory click here.

I bookmarked the link and checked the page for Sony memory sticks (rather than Sandisk ones).

I already own a 1GB Sony memory stick from ebay for my digital camera so I checked that and it is indeed a fake. It's over a year old now so I can't even recall the seller to name and shame them!

Thanks for the link dagnammit, I certainly would never have suspected otherwise!

I'll let the forum know if the one from flash_memory through Amazon is genuine.

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