External unit for internal HDD

  kinger 18:51 21 Feb 05

Hi all, I need to purchase one of those units that one can insert an internal hdd into and remove it at will without opening the PC.

I know that they come ready installed on many desktop PC's but are they available in stand-a-lone units that simply plug into your USB2 port?

Any make/model guidance would be greatly appreciated thanks.


  Newuser38 19:35 21 Feb 05

I think what you mean is can one use an internal HDD as a portable hard drive in a special case. The answer is yes. Maplins are a good firm to try for cases. Look on their site click here or visit your nearest store. Most of the cases come as you say for usb connection, and also have cooling fans. They do tend to be a bit noisy.

  wee eddie 20:00 21 Feb 05

What you described is not currently available.

What you can buy is a Case, into which you insert the HDD of your choice. This case is then connected to your PC by, either a USB2 or Firewire connection.

Or you can buy an External HDD.

  TomJerry 20:31 21 Feb 05

for example, you can use it from directusb click here

  kinger 20:36 21 Feb 05

Thanks everyone. Someone said I mean a Caddy to slide an internal HDD into that I can use like an external drive.

I'll take a look. Cheers K!

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