External Hard Drive advice

  pulsepoint 15:14 06 Apr 09


I need to buy an external hard drive, mostly to store video. I've not used one before and I'd like to spend around £60-£70, which it looks will get me 500 - 750 gigs. Can anyone recommend particular models? Someone suggested Maxtor One Touch but I've read some bad reviews.

I really want something that's easy to use.


  isca2 15:19 06 Apr 09

All external hard disk drives are easy to use. Just plug into a spare USB port and away you go. I have used Maxtor for a couple of years now, but Lacie, Buffalo, Iomega are all OK as well.
click here
Not actually recommending buying here, but will give you an idea as to what is available.

  ICF 19:07 06 Apr 09

Just bought the buffalo drivestation and i'm very impressed.

  gazzaho 06:43 07 Apr 09

I just bought a Buffalo Drivestation HD-CE500U2 model a few months ago and I myself wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Mine has for some reason lost track of files and folders twice now. Once after resuming from sleep and the second time after a system crash, in effect making the data irretrievable! The drive capacity is listed as having the data on the drive, but no folders show in explorer in order to access the data.

This is a known problem with a lot of Drivestation models and Buffalo have released a firmware patch for it click here, but for some reason it's only accessable from North America as you'll see if you check the link, It won't reconise my serial number in order to download the update so I can't even tell if the update will restore my missing folders.

My drive is going in the bin as I've lost the little confidence I had in it and Buffalo has lost a customer for life.

  ened 08:26 07 Apr 09

Have a look at this
click here

Although I think you can now get it even cheaper from ebuyer.

I am very pleased with it but the software doesn't support 64bit. They have told me to expect this sometime in the summer.

It works all right on 64 bit but will not upgrade.

  pulsepoint 12:50 07 Apr 09

Thanks everyone for your input.

  ICF 19:42 07 Apr 09

I have just tried you link and it seems I have the latest firmware available.It didn't ask me for my serial number

  ICF 19:45 07 Apr 09

gazzaho :-
I just bought a Buffalo Drivestation HD-CE500U2 model a few months ago

If you can't update the firmware then take it back to the shop as it's only a few months old and is not fit for purpose.

  gazzaho 04:28 08 Apr 09

I think I'll do that ICF, the funny thing is the link on the page I supplied must have been updated! I just checked it again and instead of leading to another page to select the drive and model before downloading, it just links to the firmware file itself.

I just downloaded the file and updated the drive but alas no missing folders where miraculously revealed, I'm still missing the data, to be honest even if the update had worked I wouldn't have trusted it.

  anchor 16:05 09 Apr 09

I got this one last August; very satisfied with it.

click here

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