External DVD and DL Writer

  sheila.weston 17:52 05 Sep 06

I wish to buy an external DVD writer which also works with Dual Layer disks and would appreciate some recommendations.

I am puzzled about the big price range which these have and cannot see what the more expensive ones have, which the cheaper ones don't. The Lacie D2 appeals, but am I paying extra for Lightscribe disk printing software, which I don't need?

I have been browsing this forum as well as GOOGLING and am getting even more confused!

Many thanks for any help.

  rômanab 15:46 06 Sep 06

Well I have an internal LG drive and it's excellent so I'm sure you could do a lot worse than click here

It's had several good reviews.

  rômanab 15:53 06 Sep 06

It also does this...

"However, what really sets this DVD writer apart is its rear S-video and RCA input jacks. You can plug in an analog or digital camcorder and, with the help of the included One-Touch software, automatically convert and burn the camcorder video to a DVD with the press of a button."

Taken from click here

Now I want one :o)

  sheila.weston 13:07 07 Sep 06

Just my luck - they are out of stock! I am not too good on the jargon, but think that this means that it works with DVD-RW video/data disks which have been recorded off the Television?

  sheila.weston 14:08 07 Sep 06

There is one at click here.

One point - my mesh computer is Intel[R]Pentium[R] 4CPU 2.8GHz 1GB of RAM, whereas the system requirements at the bottom of the page says Pentium III.

I am sure that i should be able to use it OK. What do you think?

Komplett should be OK to order from, shouldn't they?

  rômanab 15:07 07 Sep 06

The spec they give is a minimum requirement so a P4 will be more than ok.

Never used Komplett but they seem ok judging from the reviews at click here

  sheila.weston 10:48 08 Sep 06

Many thanks, Romanab. I hadn't realised that 4 CPU meant Pentium 4. Obvious now! I'll mark this thread as resolved - Ebuyer are getting some in in a week, they say, so I'll order one then.

Thanks again.

  sheila.weston 12:18 20 Sep 06

The LG Burner has now arrived! Before I try to install it, I have to find which USB is USB 2.00 - It doesn't matter if I plug into the wrong one at first, does it? I know I have two x no 1 and two x no 2.0. Device manager doesn't help.

Have you had any failures with disks? Which makes do you normally use?

Also, I know I am being a bit dim, but the box is plastered with headings about 'video to Disk' and 'AV capture'. I may get into this at a later date, but essentially I want it for backing up large amounts of image filesetc onto DVD DL - and possibly transferring them to a new computer in the future. Could you confirm that this is OK.

Thanks again.

  sheila.weston 16:43 20 Sep 06

No need to reply to first and third questions. I have now tested it on a cd and dvd - perfect.

Only the question of which, if any disks to avoid remains!

  rômanab 20:39 22 Sep 06

I have never used DL discs so can't comment on them but I have tried several and they have all been ok.

I have just finished a pack of 25 cheapy discs by "Mr DVD" and they were all ok, although how long they'll stay ok I don't know as longevity is still pretty much unknown.

Most advice I have read though recommends using 'named' brands such as Sony or Philips as they are meant to be manufactured to a higher standard. I have read good things about Verbatim so I have just bought 25 of those but have only so far used one of them.

  rômanab 20:41 22 Sep 06

Should read 'have tried several single layer discs'

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