Explain please... Tiscali

  SG Atlantis® 15:46 06 Aug 06

We started off on Tiscali Max @ £17.99, we were told we'd get upto 4meg on our line.

The first few weeks we got above 5meg! Then it dropped down to a poor 1.5 meg and it has always set around that, never going above 2meg. So.....

Now we have downgraded to 2meg unlimted for £14.99 our speed tests are constantly showing around 3meg!

I have used several tests including click here to verify my results.

  Harpur 16:19 06 Aug 06

did you joina as a new customer or "upgraded"?


  Forum Editor 16:24 06 Aug 06

has been with us since the days of analogue modems, and is a constant source of debate. ADSL downstream speeds - for that's what you're talking about - will vary considerably, and often from day to day, depending on the contention rate. The more people that are online at any one time, via a particular gateway, the greater the chance of a speed drop.

Nowadays, if you are in an area of high-density living (flats, housing estates, etc.) the chances are that you'll be contending with another 40 or so people for access to a limited bandwidth, and you'll see slow downstream rates.

It might be that,it might be a Tiscali hardware problem, or it might be a combination of both those things.

  SG Atlantis® 16:35 06 Aug 06

I started off on the max service as a new customer and then when it stabilised I was only getting 1.5meg should have been "upto" 4meg.

That provoked me to change to the upto 2meg a while ago, now I get 3 meg, well hovers around 2.8meg.

I just don't understand how I can be getting faster speeds on a lower package.

Not complaining though just curious, and I'm not gonna ask Tiscali! lol

  Jimmy14 16:35 06 Aug 06

do you take the reading from where it says your current bandwith reading is 8.10mb or below were it says " which means you can download from our servers at 1.02mb????

  SG Atlantis® 16:38 06 Aug 06

where it says "your current bandwidth reading is:"

I also checked it on adslguide and bandwidth place and a few others google threw up. They're all showing around the same.

  Stuartli 16:41 06 Aug 06

Might be wise to keep quiet...:-)

  Stuartli 16:42 06 Aug 06

It can take Tiscali a little while to upgrade/downgrade speed changes.

In fact, earlier this year when I returned to 2MB from 1MB, the change still hadn't been made after six days. A quick phone call and the changeover was forthcoming.

  Jimmy14 16:44 06 Aug 06

So because it says my current bandwith reading is 8.10mb when I ran the Tiscali Speed test, does that mean I'm supposed to be on 8mb Broadband?

  Stuartli 17:18 06 Aug 06

Well it is this month that Tiscali is introducing "up to 8MB".

Try the click here speed test two or three times.

  Jimmy14 17:43 06 Aug 06

that test tells a different story. I get downstream, 200kb,600kb,400kb but last night when I tried it I got 1.9mb which is about right for my 2mb Tiscali unlimited connection. Can you explain this?

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