Expert Advice For wirless Router Optimised for NAS + Home business

  shax007 13:42 10 Jul 12


I need an new wireless router. I am getting Satallite broadband installed at my office at home and want to have a super fast home wireless network.

Devices I use a NAS, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Network PC and NAS and wired to the router. The rest will use the wireless.

Requirements My biggest requirement is to optimise the connection to my NAS so data transfer is as fast as possible.

Next, I want to ensure that data is streamed to my devices as quickly as possible.

Examples of use Use iphone/ipad to connect to the NAS (wirelessly of course) and access small to large files.

Stream multimedia data from nas to wirless devices.

Stream data from iphone to Zeplin.

Stream on demand TV from within the home (Approx 10M away through thick walls)

Maybe explore the use itunes syncing and HD video streaming across the network (wirelessly of course).

I hope thats enough information!

Budget £50 to £150

I have come across the Cisco Linksys E4200, any good? If I go for this or something similar, do I need a seperate modem? How does that work, do I have to get a good one or will any do etc?

Thanks in advance!

You want a Gigabit wireless-N router such as this one. Am I correct in thinking you already have some sort of modem as part of your satellite setup?

  shax007 18:33 10 Jul 12


thanks for the advice, to be honest, I new I was going to go for a 'N' router, proper dual band etc.

The broadband supplier is only going to provide the connection, the rest is up to me!

I read something about it needing a seperate modem but I was not sure about this, hence the question.

I've never dealt with a satellite internet connection before so I'm afraid I can't advise regarding the modem. I would have imagined that the company installing it will supply you with one (it's essential in order for the setup to work) or at the very least offer you one to buy from them.

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