Evga 8800GTS 640mb Superclocked

  donki 14:38 11 Apr 07

Just got mine last nite, installed very easily and have just been trying out all my games. All I can say is OMG OMG OMG, so happy with it. I previously had a 7800GTX and it blows it completely away, hopefully should last me a year or two.

A couple of things to note is that it is BIG and can run very HOT 70 - 80 under heavy loading. Anyone else purchase?

  Kate B 15:49 11 Apr 07

*very jealous*

  ulrich 21:04 11 Apr 07

Hi donki which OS are you using XP or Vista, which games are you playing and what case do you have?

  citadel 22:55 11 Apr 07

It is out of my price range but I would love to get a black pearl.

  donki 01:31 12 Apr 07

I got it off ebay from the US for £199.99 + £25 shipping. Was looking for a picyure of my case but cant find one, its a Brushed Aluminium ATX Midi Tower if u seen the Mesh computers last year you will know it. There is plenty of cooling fans in as standard, so its all good. Im on XP at the moment, but as soon as the DX10 games start coming il upgrade. Mmmm playen FEAR onlie, Oblivion Exspansion and C&C3 all at full settings.... I mean full all the beels and whisles. Think my CPU may b holding it back slightly but no need to do anything drastic at the moment.

  ulrich 21:34 13 Apr 07

I do have an EVGA 8800 320 GB Card. Running now for 5hrs, Temp 52c fan running at 59%. I do have a Thermaltake case with a big quiet fan on the side. Playing COD or Silent Hunter 111 OR GTR2 it will go up to 59c/62c.

  citadel 21:56 13 Apr 07

gpu can go to 130 degrees celsius before auto freqency slow down on nvidea cards.

  donki 22:11 13 Apr 07

Well been playing now for a few days, never has went over 70oC and its mostly Oblivion im running so i should be safe enough.

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