Evesham Voyager C720 laptop - any experiences?

  caplock 20:26 12 Jan 06

Am looking at replacing my desktop with a suitable laptop workhorse / gamer.
Was wondering if anyone could recommend the 720 - or even a better machine for the £1399 Evesham are asking?

  tammer 21:06 12 Jan 06

I bought a Voyager C510 from Evesham a few months ago (before the 720 came out) and I've been delighted with its performance for everything, including games.

The 720 looks a beauty and I've found Evesham to be very good.

  caplock 21:27 12 Jan 06

Thanks tammer,from what I can make out,it certainly seems to be able to compete with its rivals.One of my concerns was the resolution,but at the end of the day there has to be some compromise!

  bikemonkey 23:18 12 Jan 06

I was looking at the c720 but then found rockdirect.com and theyre's look pretty good too. Alternatively, the Evesham c550 has been announced and it looks more powerful and cheaper than the 720. try googling it, they list a probable spec somewhere

  rmcqua 10:29 13 Jan 06

Worth considering the 760 on this page and save yourself a couple of hundred £.
click here

  BigRik 18:40 13 Jan 06

You can read the review of that very laptop in the next PC Advisor issue (got mine this morning).

"..all hail the king, baby." are the last 5 words of the review, so I guess it must be pretty special!

  caplock 16:10 16 Jan 06

Thanks all for your help abd advice - decision,decisions!!

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