Evesham PC off ebay

  iqs 18:27 18 Dec 07

Hi,I am after a cheap PC which I can use as an upgrade project.

I currently own a Evesham Pc ,which todate I can not fault.

Advertised on ebay I noticed Evesham selling refurbished/clearance PC's.

Questions,Is this ebay company part of the Evesham group,also is it worth buying a second hand PC from them?.


  Crash 18:38 18 Dec 07

Could you post a link?

  Crash 18:44 18 Dec 07

Sorry found it. Yeah it is evesham selling their refurbished pc's on ebay as "eveshamtechnology". Many companies do this e.g. vodafone. It would only be worth buying second hand if you were to get a good discount.

  iqs 23:16 18 Dec 07

Crash,Sorry for not posting a link.It would of helped...

The ad included 'make an offer',which I have done.Hopefully they will accept it.It may not be a high spec Pc,but it will do .

Thanks for your help.I will keep this thread open, so I can post the reply from Evesham.


  Forum Editor 23:24 18 Dec 07

you have exactly the same protection in law when you buy a secondhand item as when you buy a new one. You don't have the manufacturer's warranty cover, but you certainly have the full weight of consumer law behind you.

With secondhand goods it is much harder to show that a fault existed at the point of sale, however, and a court would not use such strict criteria in making a judgment in such a case.

By and large the same advice always applies when buying on Ebay - use your commonsense.

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