Evesham Micros opinions please

  isca2 11:18 14 Nov 07

Considering a new desktop pc. Evesham have been fine in the past BUT has anyone any experience of them since there resurrection from their troubles earlier this year ?

  100andthirty 13:00 14 Nov 07

They carried out major rebuild of my desktop computer after its graphics card failed and there was no equivalent replacement available - all under warranty - carried out in October 2007. Now have virtually a new computer

  oldbeefer2 13:01 14 Nov 07

Have they been resurrected? I thought they had gone under. Hope you're right, though, as I have several bits of kit from them still (theoretically) under warranty.

  100andthirty 14:04 14 Nov 07

After my rebuild, I wrote to them thanking them. The reply I got was from the same chap that wrote the answer to the first query I made to them when I got my first Evesham computer. They seem to be alive, but without the shops

  isca2 16:33 14 Nov 07

Still advertising in the mags and have an active, up to date website.

  Probabilitydrive 17:29 14 Nov 07

Bought my third machine around May. I phoned yesterday their helpline to clarify some voltage readings.

Waited no longer than 7 minutes and the issue was resolved in less than 5. Only difference, that in the past they told you in which position you are in the helpline queue and it was really useful. Regrettably that information is no longer supplied.

  AngeTheHippy 09:53 15 Nov 07

I too phoned Evesham support on Monday of this week - I was waiting for them to answer, listening to that oh-so-annoying 'Your call is important to us' stuff for 1 HOUR and 23 MINUTES. THEN, had to call them again later in the day - ANOTHER 34 minutes waiting. all for no longer than about 4 minutes' worth of help/advice. Amazing....


  anchor 11:04 15 Nov 07


A total of 121 mins at 0870 rates, (8p/min), = £9.68. Not only annoying; expensive too!.

They make about 2p/minute out of support calls. Imagine how that mounts up in a day.

  anchor 11:09 15 Nov 07

I forgot that the call charges probably have to have VAT added to it; An extra 17.5%.

  achilles 13:20 15 Nov 07

Looks like Ange the Hippy is still upset with Evesham-

Funnily, this is the lady who kicked and screamed on the forum until she beat the company into replacing her machine-
guess what-it's still going strong, never a fault-
However, Ange ain't ever heard of organic interface error-
hope she gets her questions answered eventually but please consider posting with a view to a history!
(and I'm a bitter ex evesham employee-but at least I can try to inject a little of the other side of the story now!)

  anchor 14:56 15 Nov 07


I remember when you used to post on behalf of Evesham. I am very sorry that you have found yourself in the position of being an ex-employee and hope the future will be brighter for you.

I also have never heard of "organic interface error"; whatever that means.

AngeTheHippy`s complaint this time was the excessive time that it took to get to speak to someone. How she had the patience, I don`t know.

It seems that, since the change over, the support staff level has been cut to the bone.

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