Evesham Delivery Policy - Experiences??

  petejigsaw 16:59 29 Oct 03

I ordered a new Evolution Lightening from Evesham on the 13th October and here, on the 29th October, I am still waiting to receive it!! Having ordered via their website and having my credit card authorised, I emailed Evesham sales with a couple of post sale questions to which I received pretty standardised responses.

Both the replies I received stated that lead time was upto 9 working days, which as one of them said should be the latest time that I could expect to receive my system. That 9 days expired last Friday (24th Oct), so I have since emailed Evesham again and asked where my order is.

The reply I got told me my system was currently in production and should be completed by the end of today (29th Oct). Allowing for delivery, it will then be almost 15 working days since I ordered.

Has anyone else had these type of issues with Evesham? I know they state that orders can take up to 28 days, but not informing customers of delays, as well as not having a dynamic order tracking system does leave consumers feeling a little isolated!! Having paid over ?40 for delivery, I don't feel that I am being treated with the care that customers spending upwards of ?1300 should be.

Come on Evesham, get your priorities right and keep customers informed as companies like Dell do so well.

  Busy 17:26 29 Oct 03

Bit unusual that Pete,I think.Evesham are at the absolute top of the tree for all aspects of service normally,can understand your frustration at such a long delay-just enjoy the anticipation!?
It'll be worth waiting for...

  vibrant 19:19 29 Oct 03

Your lucky they charged me ?105 + vat to N. Ireland in Dec 1999.

  CodeMeister 20:09 29 Oct 03

I really don't understand Evesham.

They always seem to do very well in the magazine reviews and they've just won another award with PC Pro.

So why is the internet littered with postings from people who have had terrible experiences with them and had their patience and loyalty pushed to the absolute limit before anything gets done ?

Have a look at the following links :-

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

It just doesn't make any sense at all.

  Steven135 20:52 29 Oct 03


Now do the same exercise going back over two years with Mesh or any other manufacturer bet you won't have room for all the links.

I have had wonderful service from Evesham and I believe this is the rule from which some of your links depart.

  Blitzer 23:40 29 Oct 03

No company will get it right everytime, but my personal experiences with Evesham have always been great. I'd certainly have no worries in using them again.


Was the system you ordered upgraded in anyway? Only I know Evesham do take longer to deliver in these instances. Buying an off-the-shelf system is very different, the one I bought for my girlfriend took about 2-3 days to arrive. If you are really unhappy try contacting Evesham's customer services - you never know they may refund the delivery charge as a good-will gesture - not saying they will mind! ;-)

  ulrich 09:44 30 Oct 03

Thigs don't always go to plan, but your Evesham will be well worth waiting for.

  petejigsaw 10:04 30 Oct 03

Thanks to everyone who has posted a response so far. I've contacted their customer care this morning and am waiting for a repsonse. Will keep you posted!


  Evesham Support 11:01 30 Oct 03
  mythras 17:46 31 Oct 03

I plumped for the model I wanted (a magazine recommendation) and went to see it 'live' at a showroom, ordering with the assistant the same day.

It failed to arrive by the promised date. When I phoned they told me that it was 'in production' but would I like 'one they had made earlier' instead? This was a slightly different spec., a bit cheaper, and arrived very soon after. It now seems this may not be an isolated occurrence and is perhaps a deliberate marketing ploy.

I have not yet had to call upon support, because in two years the device has behaved superbly. Despite the delay in delivery I am delighted with the quality of the product, and pleased that Evesham have the nous to monitor boards such as this.

Having dealt with Dell before, I would have no hesitation in buying from Evesham again.

Many manufacturers, not just in computing, operate a 'just in time' production policy.That is, they do not start manufacturing until an order is received. Personally,I would prefer this,rather than having a machine that had been standing gathering dust on a shelf for weeks on end.Perhaps its because,as you get older, you learn to become more patient. :)

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