Oldie2 21:59 12 May 05

Has anyone had problems with Evesham machines

  Oldie2 22:04 12 May 05

I have had two Mesh machines over the last six years and had no problems with either but after reading some of the discontented remarks I would like to know if Evesham machines are better.

  spuds 22:20 12 May 05

If you put Evesham in the search box, you will find 283 postings, some good,some not so good.

  bfoc 23:34 12 May 05

That people can only talk about their own experience and that may not be representative either of the reality when they bought their machine or now.

I have ordered Evesham machines for around 8 - 10 people and there has never been a problem. I ordered one for myself and there was! Everything was sorted to my satisfaction.

Since then I have recommended a number of other people to Evesham, all again without a problem.

However many people on here, and others that I know personally, swear by Mesh Machines and won't buy any other.

Whatever I or anybody else says is just opinion and so we can't say which is 'better'.

All we could say is which we would be likely to buy and that is as likely to be prejudice as any fact based assessment.

  CLARET 179 01:49 13 May 05

In my opinion they are one of the very few suppliers to take 'customer satisfaction' seriously after the sale. Product is good quality and system is robust. I had a couple of issues that needed sorting early on but they WERE sorted. They didn't baulk at sending out a (fairly costly) part and an engineer to fit it.
Since then no probs at all - touch wood.

I would recommend them.

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