European Commission: downloading pirated material

  Gerrycan 18:22 04 Feb 03

European Commission presented a draft of a legislation that would, in addition to the existing EUCD legislation, harmonize the European Union copyright legislation across the member states. The new proposal has already infuriated the record labels.

EC suggests tough legislation against use and download of pirated material for intentional business use or benefitting financially from copyright infringements. But the proposal would also make it perfectly legal for home users to download pirated music, videos and other intellectual property from P2P networks -- exactly how the legislation already states in various EU member countries, including Finland (the home of

Recording industry had hoped that the proposed legislation would have made it illegal also for home users to download illegal material from the Net. In any case, sharing of the copyrighted material, even for home users, via P2P networks, web, etc would remain illegal.

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  Forum Editor 19:18 04 Feb 03

that this is a draft proposal - it would have to pass through two more stages before it became law, and that takes a long time. There will be plenty of time for interested parties (and the music industry is certainly one) to make representation to the European Parliament.

  Gerrycan 21:04 04 Feb 03

To true but if you start a snowball at the top of a mountain!we all know the end result,and we also know what wonderful ideas that the european market come up with ?like straight bananas.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:17 04 Feb 03

'bout time too...hoorah!

ps the EEC Straight Banana Directive is a tired old myth which keeps being recycled. ;-))click here


  Coaster3 22:14 04 Feb 03

I thought it was straight cucumbers!

  Pilch.... 23:16 04 Feb 03

its that pigs must have toy's to play with in the sty's to keep them happy.....

so i guess if mud isnt fun anymore i cant use the saying

like a pig to mud!

  VoG™ 00:14 05 Feb 03

Please can you post the document number?

  Spook Tooth 00:38 05 Feb 03

Pigs do have curly tails though...

  Patr100 01:13 05 Feb 03

Pigs are actually intelligent (and naturally clean - contrary to popular belief - ) so I can certainly see the logic of providing "toys". They wallow in mud to keep cool as they do not have sweat glands.

But we digress.....

  Andsome 09:29 05 Feb 03

Not all the tales that come out of Europe are myths. We have only recently gained permission to export British Chocolate to Europe, and actually call it chocolate, and not chocolate substitute. The germans and belgians fought a protracted battle to prevent the British from calling our beer 'beer', because most recipes contain brewing sugar. It's a pity they don't have better things to think about. PS The small g and b in germany and belgium were deliberate.

  Gerrycan 15:04 05 Feb 03

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