Epson R200/300 owners Cheap ink!!!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:44 23 Jun 04

Choice stationery are flogging 2 for the price of 1 compatible cartridges for thesee printers. 12 cartridges (2 of each colour) are now £29.49; according to my calculator that's £2.50/ here


  sidecar sid 18:42 23 Jun 04

Do thet sell calculator batterys as well :-)))

  thms 19:39 23 Jun 04

Are they any good though. I have just purchased a Photo RX500 and have given the ink some bashing trying it out.

Excellent multi-function device by the way. Always swore I would never buy one as well.

  maz2 20:36 23 Jun 04

Try SVP communications they have Jet Tec back in stock (which is very good) at a very good price you do have to pay postage but I usually add them to an order for other things as they sometimes have a 99p shipping weekend for orders over £30

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:41 23 Jun 04

I've used Choice for nearly 2 years now. Their compatibles are the same as originals and delivery is usually 48hrs max.


  Bobby237 21:42 23 Jun 04

I've had a lot of problems with these so called compatible cartridges and know a lot of other people who have had to. I also seemed to get a heck of a lot less prints out of the compatibles that I did with the genuine ones. This was with an epson sp935.

  maz2 23:15 23 Jun 04

The ink from Choice wouldn't work in my CX3200 I had the same probs as with other compatibles

  jakimo 21:26 25 Jun 04

are choice claiming their compatibles are the same as epsons ink,or is that just your opinion.Do you know of any light fading tests on choice compatibles?, as I would like to compare the two

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:35 25 Jun 04

The compatibles are not made by Epson. I have used Choice compatibles, in different printers, for 3 years now and they have all been excellent. Don't know about colour fading though.


  -Beb- 18:57 26 Jun 04

Cheap inks are perfect for cheap inkjet printer used to print out text and graphics on a normal daily basis, but if you're paying a premium for a decent photo printer I would only use the originals to get the best print quality

  Danoh 23:59 27 Jun 04

Just tried out a set of Choice Stationery's compatibles for my Epson Photo 950 printer as the 1st time trial. Started ok, apart from warning messages about non-genuine Epson cartridges. Then as the last genuine Epson cartridge (of 7) ran out, one compatible showed up as a fault. Replaced the genuine Epson which had run out a compatible and the faulty compatible with another, a 3rd, 4th and 5th compatible came out registering as faulty as well!

Meanwhile, all printing has stopped as I could not continue.

BUT. Choice Stationery tech support have been brilliant. They were able to give me good advice over the telephone and sent me 2 replacements without any quibbles. These fixed the faults originally discovered. Now to wait until Monday to call them about the new faults recorded, when I expect just as quick a response as last week.

Colours do not come out as well as the Epson originals, but that is not important for non-photo printing, especially at such a price differential! I shall resort to Epson originals for critical photo printing.

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