Epson ink

  iqs 26 Jan 13

Hi, I've been looking for a new printer .i have read some reviews regarding epson printers ,most have commented in regards to the new cartridges only having 3.3 ml of ink,a quarter f what they used to be . Is three any truth in this ? Thanks

  spuds 26 Jan 13

You are not perhaps confusing the 3.3ml for starter pack cartridges, because I have found that Epson and other makes of cartridge content quantity can vary on which printer model you have or use.

Any cartridge refill company will give you the details for maximum fill, because most of these company's fill to capacity or offer 'normal' or 'higher' capacity fills.

If Epson are reducing their own capacity fill, then perhaps this is to cover and subsidise the cheap cost of the printer?.

As a suggestion, I would check to see if a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) or refillables are available for the Epson model you are perhaps considering. I have had Epson's and other printer's run this way, and it can make considerable savings in the long term.

  iqs 27 Jan 13

Hi,and thanks for the help . I think I might be confusing the cartridges that are supplied with a printer,and the ones you purchase after . Should of thought it through first before posting Thank you again


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