Epson - Good Customer Service

  Andybear 17:59 26 Jun 03

There are a lot of threads about poor customer service so I thought I'd write about something good.

Yesterday afternoon my Epson printer had a paper jam. I managed to remove the paper but then the cartridges wouldn't move properly - kept getting stuck at a certain point and the printer was making rather weird noises. I rang Epson and the very helpful gentleman I spoke to said they'd send out a replacement. That was 1.45 pm yesterday. This morning at 11.00 the replacement printer arrived and is working fine. The Epson gent said there would be no cables or leads with the new printer so I was to hang on to the ones I had. However, there was a power cable in with the new one, which will come in handy if the other one goes caput on me :-) So well done Epson.

  rioboy 19:21 26 Jun 03

I too have had similar experiences with Epson and is THE reason why I won't buy any other make of printer or scanner.

  slimpickins 10:16 28 Jun 03

I agree, the service is unbelievably good. It takes a single phone call to establish what's needed and they send out replacement printers without quibble.

  Sir Radfordin 11:16 28 Jun 03

They do seem to be one company that accepts things go wrong and the quickest/cheapest and best way to resolve it is to say send it back and here is a new one.

  pj123 13:15 29 Jun 03

yes, I agree with you. I bought a seconhand Epson printer, but when I got it home it didn't work. i rang epson (told them it was secondhand)and they replaced 2 days later with a brand new one. i did put it up on consumerwatch at the time, and it even got into the PC Advisor Magazine.

I have never had a problem with Epson.

  fruityfj 23:30 29 Jun 03

I'm so pleased to see all these other posts - I've been saying for years that Epson has the best support there is - or least that I've come across. Time & time again with a variety of machines & problems (I hire a lot on projects away from home) & they're always courteous & helpful but above all knowledgeable. Would not have any other make now!

  Rtus 00:09 30 Jun 03

Epson & Crucial are Without doubt Good companies ..and well deserve the postings..And I too only buy Epson..I do wish the ink was cheaper though...

  Forum Editor 00:12 30 Jun 03

their service is superb, and it's the reason we hear very little about them in the forum.

To be scrupulously fair, HP have exactly the same attitude - they send out replacement printers as well, and I've never had a minute's trouble with their customer service either.

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