Epson C44UX

Has anyone out there got an Epson C44UX. I wonder if the claimed speed is really upto 11ppm for b/w and upto 5ppm for colour,Is it any good?

  Ping Pong 08:11 29 Jun 03

Claims like 11ppm mono are usually wide of the mark. What you are not told is how the manufacturer got to this figure. What quality did they use and what percentage of the page was covered in ink. There doesn,t seem to be an industry standard for reporting such claims. If they all quoted at say proof quality and 15% page coverage in black ink then we would get a better idea.

  -pops- 08:34 29 Jun 03

Remember that printing speed tends towards being inversely proportional to the quality of the end result. If there was a standard printing test to measure against, I would opt for a lower printing speed. Even if there was a standard set up, it is unlikely that it would have much meaning in a real life situation and a speed of 100ppm at 5% ink cover wouldn't be of much help to you in timing the printing of a photograph of the proverbial black cat in a coal cellar wearing a red ribbon on its neck (= nearly 100% cover)

Speed isn't everything. I would much rather wait ten minutes for my masterpiece to be printed than wait 5 seconds and then end up with something that a demented chimpanzee with a set of wax crayons could have produced. But then I could submit it for the Turner prize, I suppose.


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