Is this enough for a decent pc and is the motherboard supported?

  patkozaa 10:30 19 Apr 15

*Hello,im new to building a new pc and would like to just ask a few questions. First of all is this enough to handle games like gta 5,skyrim,CoD with no lag? Also is the motherboard supported? here is a link to all of my pc components.*

Power Supply





there also is other pc parts that i didn't think i had to include like the hard drive and the case.

  patkozaa 19:52 19 Apr 15

Thank you, i have found the suitable motherboard now with the help of my friend but do you think 2gb of ddr5 is a good choice?

  rtp8™ 23:51 19 Apr 15

Besides your CPU & Motherboard incompatibility issues ,why do you order items from UK & US sites?

For example, I suppose you're from UK, your PSU from USA will cost you £60(including TAX & Postage) instead of £30 to reach you in UK.

I think your budget is too low to run good game playing rate as you'd expect.

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