engine oil leaked into boot.

  finerty 14:32 PM 04 Jul 11

As above any ideas, on how to clean it up.

Many thanks

  Covergirl 15:13 PM 04 Jul 11

Into the boot (rear) of car?

Remove boot lining if possible and place upside down on absorbent tissue for a few hours, aided with the weight of a brick or something else suitable flat and heavy.

After several more cycles of this method, the tissue should be showing clear. Now try neat washing up liquid, minimum water and a scrubbing brush. The type of fabric will determine the severity of scrub.

Rinse or powerwash and dry.

  spuds 16:25 PM 04 Jul 11

Depends on how bad the spillage is?.

Don't forget to check to see if any spillage as gone through the mat into the boot, or if no mat, then absorbent cloth/paper and newspaper.

Another option might be the local 'hands-on' car wash, who might have the detergents and equipment to deal with the problem.

  wiz-king 16:58 PM 04 Jul 11

I hope it was new oil. Lots of neat washingup liquid as per Covergirls post. At least it wont go rusty in there, and engine oil does not smell as bad as Hypoid gear oil.

  HondaMan 18:53 PM 04 Jul 11

  1. Remove all items from the boot
    1. Remove rubber bung from floor of boot

    2. Spray with plenty of "GUNK"™

    3. Thoroughly wash with steam hose or high pressure washer such as Karcher

    4. Dry well if necessary with hot-air gun

    5. Remember to wrap oil container well, next time


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