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  griffo 11:01 30 Aug 07

Two or three times a year I go to a remote cottage (R&R) where there is no landline for phone/internet connection.

Whilst I'm reluctant to 'dilute' my escapes, I really could do with having email access. I realise there are such things as Blackberry etc. but I believe it is also possible to buy a card to fit into a laptop to receive satellite signals?

Can anyone advise me on this please?

  techie4me 11:13 30 Aug 07

You can buy Vodaphone wireless cards for a laptop that means you can surf on the move.
It would depend on if a signal can be picked up!

  griffo 12:35 30 Aug 07

Thanks - had a look, not cheap is it?

Is it possible to somehow link one's mobile phone to your laptop and use it's signal/pricing to connect to email/internet or am I dreaming?

  techie4me 13:01 30 Aug 07

Not sure?
Blackberry would probably be a cheaper option though.

  griffo 08:43 31 Aug 07

Interesting, thanks for that. How does the costing work when using email/internet downloads, do you have a monthly tariff arrangement? The Vodaphone card costs £120 + VAT, then £8.50 + VAT for each 24 hour session, which makes it very costly.

It looks like the PDA/phone might make more sense if it will combine mobile phone with email/internet (and work through the laptop) at an affordable price.

When connected to the laptop, does the laptop behave as if it's connected to a router?

Sorry for all the questions!

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  griffo 11:19 31 Aug 07

Thanks for that - looks good. If I understand right, you have to buy the phone then buy the tariff on top @ £7.99, £12.50 or £22.50 per month?

Is T mobile the only provoder offering this service?

not sure about others,but if
you sign up to the web n walk plan,the phone maybe free,the £7.99 is in addition to this.
Griffo,send me a pm ive got more info somewhere ill dig it out.

  griffo 14:10 31 Aug 07

very kind, thanks - have sent message.

I have recently purchased a sony ericson 850i phone on Pay as you go and can receive my emails from my virgin media isp. Also internet @ £1 per day connected.

  griffo 22:04 31 Aug 07

I believe the £1 per day internet only gives you 15mb free, it's £2 per mb after that? Did you have to pay for the phone?

would it connect to a laptop?

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