columbia67 28 Apr 12

Has any one had a dealings with this scam company They are not based in the UK, but in china I purchased a Dell latop battery off them in Nov11 It was faulty, did not hold a charge...they kept telling me to charge it for 12 hrs...drain it...follow this for 7 days even though their website says, they will replace faulty batteries, they have so for not replaced my battery...I have even returned it, on their instruction...and they have signed for its return, but 11 days after it was delivered, they still claim not to have it

How to I report them, tell people that they are a scam company, stop others using them and get them black listed

  Nontek 28 Apr 12

I cannot help you, but you should put this question in the Consumerwatch Forum instead.

  sharpamat 28 Apr 12

The next step should be Tradeing Standards

  Kevscar1 28 Apr 12

sorry but if they are in china there is absolutely nothing you can do unless you paid by credit card. If so contact the card company and ask for a chargeback

  Forum Editor 28 Apr 12

Transferred to Consumerwatch from Absolute beginners.

  Forum Editor 28 Apr 12

"The next step should be Tradeing Standards"

Not if this company is based in China. Trading Standards can do nothing in those circumstances, and neither can anyone else. You'll just have to plug away with the company and hope they honour their promise.

  xania 30 Apr 12

The only chance - if you paid by credit card - to get in touch with your credit card bank and ask for their help/


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