Electric Rolls-Royce

  Dragon_Heart 02:47 02 Apr 11

Would you buy one if you could ? click here

  wee eddie 04:11 02 Apr 11

Do Electric Cars need radiators?

No, of course they don't, so that iconic Grill is superfluous

  Forum Editor 07:41 02 Apr 11

Difficult to say. You would need to be seriously rich to afford a car with an estimated price tag of £600,000. As the article says, there are customers with that amount of money to spend, but to put a vehicle like that into production would require a fairly healthy order book.

I have friends who live very near to the Goodwood factory, and I'm sure they'll see this car gliding along the country lanes over the next few months. Seeing it is about as close as the and most of us will ever get however.

  uk-wizard 07:59 02 Apr 11

Yes they do - its part of the air-conditioning!

  SparkyJack 08:04 02 Apr 11

If that particular Roller has Air Con as well then its range will be about .05 mile per charge.
Or it will have a trailer with a spare battery.

It's a design exercise -

  Kevscar1 08:33 02 Apr 11

Surely the date 1st of April should have roused your suspicions.

  uk-wizard 09:10 02 Apr 11

Coincidence? click here

  oresome 13:51 02 Apr 11

I don't see the point in buying just the one.

Two as a minimum to ensure one is always fully charged and available.

  uk-wizard 15:08 02 Apr 11

It might be like an eletric drill - just slip out the battery and plug in a charged one!

  Dragon_Heart 03:18 03 Apr 11

It did but ...... ?

  Dragon_Heart 03:22 03 Apr 11

You'll be getting one then FE !

"Do Electric Cars need radiators" ....... were would you put the Flying Lady without one ?

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