Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD budget desktop PC

  bnorth 09:46 06 Feb 08

is a PC Advisor recommended PC for january
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can we rely on PC Advisor's recommendation or if we google Eclipse Computers (of Coventry) they seem to have a terrible reputation for product reliability and customer service.
for the most paper the feedback on numerous boards is frighteningly negative.

"The Trading Standards say this is illegal and they will act against the company if enough people complain - so DO IT TODAY! "
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"Eclipse computers are COWBOYS and extremely useless."
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"I would NEVER EVER order from them again, biggest bunch of cowboys under the sun imo.
Took over two weeks to send my order and there was a whole load of things wrong."
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sure maybe only disatisfied customers complain but google Chillblast or Zoostorm or Dell and you don't find pages of angry feedback ! but you do with Eclipse !! and its not that they are a large company
an informed assessment of the wisdom of an Eclipse purchase should take this into account

  isca2 12:22 06 Feb 08

We have seen time after time a magazine recommending a particular make, but no account taken at all of customer service ( or lack of it ). Buyer Beware !

  ened 14:18 06 Feb 08

I see you haven't posted to your thread in the Helproom on this subject
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since Monday.

What is happening there?

  bnorth 14:31 06 Feb 08

hi ened
nice to hear from you, thanks for your concern.
not much has changed since Monday.
I've more or less decided to replace the dodgy DVD drive myself since Eclipse won't honour the premier30 warranty and collect.
And the non functioning graphics card I'm working around by using the onboard card which is fine - ish (its not as though I'm a big gamer).

I told trading standards this and they replied saying I should write to Eclipse and to my credit card company.
I may do but I have low hopes and I don't actually even want to lose my computer to Eclipse for a month - or more and they may try and keep it (I'v heard such stories) !
its caveat emptor I suppose - at least I can try and prevent someone else falling victim to a bogus "rave review" of an Eclipse product.

  bnorth 12:23 08 Feb 08

actually I've now decided to take Trading Standards advice and send a recorded delivery to Eclipse demanding they fix my PC under the warranty.
And also demand they collect as I both reported the initial graphics card problem and asked for it to be fixed under the warranty within 30 days.
Whether I am keen on Eclipse taking my PC is debatable. I might not see it again or they'l demand I pay them before the send it back - after 28 days !!

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