Eclipse DIY Kits

  MattJ11 22:34 19 Aug 07

At the risk of adding to the list of people with tales of woe about Eclipse computers, I thought I should post a warning about one of their products. I recently bought a new PC for my son (a gaming addict) and being reasonably adept with a screwdriver decided to go for one of the "DIY Kits" advertised on their website. I wanted a reasonably fast processor, so opted for a C2D E6420 with their Intel Kit3, which the website indicates as being suitable for C2D processors. The package arrived promptly and I duly assembled it, only to get an empty black screen on switching on. After many phone calls to their 0870 helpline, further tinkering and returning various bits to Eclipse, they finally informed me that the motherboard (an Asrock 775XFire-VSTA) was not compatible with the processor. Apparently this was my fault for picking the wrong model of C2D processor, although a quick check of the Asrock website shows that this mobo does not support any C2D models. I'm now out of pocket for the cost of a new mobo and various postage costs, but my main concern is that the website still hasn't been changed, so if anyone else is thinking of getting one of these kits - beware!

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