EC starts turning the screw on Philips and LG

  TopCat® 14:00 13 Jul 09

The European Commission makes the first move on an alleged LCD flat screen price-fixing probe. TC.

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  laurie53 20:23 13 Jul 09

Interesting, but could just two companies fix the whole European market?

  Stuartli 00:46 14 Jul 09

The EU hasn't a clue.


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  DieSse 01:20 14 Jul 09

They didn't say "just two companies" - read the report!

"Brussels suspects Philips and LG may have been part of a wider cartel."

Perhaps they may have cause to suspect they were the ringleaders. They may be right, they may be wrong - but if they have any evidence at all they should investigate. And I can't see what Stuartlis links have to do with it. It's not a monopoly situation they're looking into, it's a price fixing cartel.

Monopolies and cartels are the bane of a free market (along with other things of course).

  birdface 06:18 14 Jul 09

Well I found them a couple of the cheapest makers when purchasing a new TV lately.So they must be doing something right.

  Stuartli 09:40 14 Jul 09

I certainly did read the report in the link - I was seeking to point out that there are several very large manufacturers of LCD panels - Sony/Samsung is one of the largest and Sony also has a tie-up with Sharp.

Also see this PCA link:

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  DieSse 11:40 14 Jul 09

"Brussels suspects Philips and LG may have been part of a wider cartel."

It doesn't matter how much or little of the market these two companies have if they're suspected of being part of a cartel (price fixing group).

That's why the links about market are irrelevant to the report.

Since no-one is going to launch such a probe without at least something to base a suspicion on, I say "go to it" - not "they haven't a clue", based on misreading the report.

  DieSse 11:44 14 Jul 09

BTW Stuartli my initial "read the report" was in answer to laurie53 - not you. However from what you say, you may well have read it - but may have misunderstood it.

  Stuartli 12:26 14 Jul 09

Perhaps this is the real reason..:-)

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  Stuartli 12:28 14 Jul 09
  DieSse 12:35 14 Jul 09

Perhaps it's the cartel doing it's spin??

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