eBuyer... a possible warning...

  Simsy 11:32 20 Aug 10

I've never had reason to criticise eBuyer before, but, just a pointer...

I've been in the Market for a replacement SatNav device, and was looking at eBuyer, (as that's always the first place I go for most "techie" stuff)...

There are quite a few Garmin units labelled a "NOH", which I discovered means "newly overhauled", i.e refurbished...
and as a result they are cheaper than original price...

What is not made clear, and when I spoke to them it was acknowledged that this was the case, is that these items only have a 90 day guarantee. Whne I discused this with them the attitude, though friendly, was that "90 days is quite normal for this kind of thing" and that I should automatically be aware of it.

Notwithstanding that I suspect consumer law would have an issue with the 90 day thing, I'm clear that this isn't really "on". Am I being harsh?

I subsequenly have ordered one from Amazon, not a refurb, but I did look at a refurb one via one of Amazon's retailers, (SatnavRus or somesuch!), and rang them first, who confirmed a 1 year guarantee.

I'm not suggesting that there is anything wrong with eBuyers approach, (and I will continue to buy from them)... but you might want to check carefully if you are in the same position which regard to overhauled products.



  birdface 11:45 20 Aug 10

Well I would imagine as they are not new you would not expect to get a full 1 year warranty with them.
If you think E-Buyer is being a bit underhand in the way they are selling them then you should have complained.

  birdface 11:52 20 Aug 10

I can see why after looking at E-Buyer.

click here

It is not until you click on it you find that it is refurbished and not obvious to anyone just browsing.

  birdface 11:59 20 Aug 10

Also never seen anywhere where it said 90 day warranty so definitely a bit misleading.

  mb1980y 13:10 20 Aug 10

Think it suggests something in the T&C's under -

7.7 Ex. display stock, Grade A, Grade B and Used stock

but I doubt many people reads T&C's these days, including myself.

  Simsy 19:49 20 Aug 10

I'm not suggesting that there's anything underhand, but things could be clearer, and I must confess I was a little disappointed that when I mentioned it wasn't clear, that my comment wasn't received a little more positively.

Oh well... There's more important things to worry about!



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