Ebay's own interest to stop massive P&P rates

  Widows Son 16:42 31 Oct 05

If you search for many items on ebay you’ll find many (especially electrical goods) listed at 1p with incredibly large delivery prices. I’ve just had a look and found a kingmax 512 mb MINI SD card + ADAPTER for 1p with no less than £26.90 for p&p from a seller apparently in the UK. This could be posted Royal Mail for less than a pound. It appears that the sellers are avoiding fees (based on listing and selling prices but not delivery) by doing this. It makes finding the best deal difficult and is costing Ebay money. Surely Ebay could stop this in their own best interest and that of buyers.

  Chegs ® 17:05 31 Oct 05

Try reporting any you find to Ebay,see if there's a reaction.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:25 31 Oct 05

If you report such listings eBay should remove them if there is enough time left as that practise is not permitted under eBay rules. However the only way to stamp it out would be for all eBay bidders to boycott such listings.

  Al94 18:39 31 Oct 05

So you think you will get a 512mc card for 1p and £1 postage!!!!!!

I don't like this practice either, wasn't aware that it is against eBay rules, and if it is, they should do something about it as it's so common now.

I am prepared to be realistic and view the total cost and see if I am happy with the overall price. It's a fairly sad way of marketing but still works OK overall.

  PaulB2005 18:44 31 Oct 05

So you think you will get a 512mc card for 1p and £1 postage!!!!!!

Eh?? Where does it say that?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:58 31 Oct 05

I think you have missed the point.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:02 31 Oct 05

Postage costs are always clear-not as though they are diffcult to hunt out- so I fail to see any problem. Bit of self input never goes amiss.


  PaulB2005 19:37 31 Oct 05

I think the issue is eBay will miss out because they charge the seller a % of the selling price and don't include the postage. So by selling a £1000 PC for £1.00 plus £999 P&P eBay only get x% of £1.00 and not x% of the full £1,000.

Nothing to do with ripping off the customer or getting 512 Mb MC Cards for £2!

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:15 31 Oct 05

You are right with your first point, but it also misleads those bidders who are not sharp enough to understand, there are plenty of those!

  Al94 20:26 31 Oct 05

Gandalf and PaulB2005 have hit the nail on the head. No I'm not missing the point, if there is a legitimate way of reducing eBay fees then so be it, if not legit - then let eBay deal with it. I still say if you are happy with the overall total cost - then go ahead and deal.

  Widows Son 20:42 31 Oct 05

having to run through pages and pages of 1p + £20p&p items before you get to the true lowest priced goods. These listings are a clear breech of ebays
Fee Circumvention rules, but ebay doesn't seem to take any action. It would be simple for ebay to add a "report this listing" button on to each listing, which would make true bargains easier found, and make them more money.

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