eBay purchase potential problem

  rickf 14 Oct 12

I bought icore 5 laptop using BIN and paid immediately last Sunday. I emailed through eBay Msg to arrange date of posting and some further details. Had no response for 3 days. Altogeher sent 4 emails w/o a reply which raised my suspicion. Raise a dispute with PP on Wed. Then suddenly got a reply that her ipad was down which was why I didn't get a reply. This was strange as I presumed she could have responded using the laptop she was selling. Agreed to send on following Tuesday but she wanted me to close the dispute. I won't do this as I would then lose all my protection rights and would not be able to raise another dispute as per PP rules. So now no reply to my email stating that the dispute would be closed on Wed when I have received the laptop. I have been scammed once when I waited too long to raise a dispute and the seller had transfered the payment out of PP into his bank a/c and disappeared/ deregistered. If I don't get the laptop by Wed, I'll escalate the dispute to a claim to get my money back. What do you think? I want to trust her but I also have to protect myself.

  Forum Editor 14 Oct 12

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  rickf 14 Oct 12

Marg7 Yes, I agree. She was registered in 2011 and 38 feedbacks mainly purchases of cosmetic items and one sale. I don't normally buy from people with few feedbacks re sales but in this instance I somehow gave this person the benefit of the doubt. Hope it's not to my regret. Thanks for the support.

  D@ve 16 Oct 12

I'd reassure her that having sent the laptop by recorded delivery, she could prove the item was delivered and therefore you'd have no choice but to close the dispute. If she's not willing to accept those terms then you'll just have to reclaim your money and go elsewhere. Certainly suspicious.

  D@ve 16 Oct 12

And make sure you check the goods before signing for them!

  rickf 17 Oct 12

After many exchanges of email it is now on it's way to me today. Lets see when it arrives.

  rickf 19 Oct 12

All is well.Laptop arrived yesterday by 24hr service. Very well packed and the laptop is in almost new condition. the problem has been caused by the seller's somewhat lackadaisical appraoch. I am relieved.

  D@ve 19 Oct 12

I'm pleased to hear that all was well in the end.


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