Ebay Phishing Attempt

  DrScott 06:08 23 Jul 05

I am sure many of you use Ebay, so I feel I should let you know I've received a very convincing e-mail, asking me to follow a link to enter account information. The e-mail is from eBay Inc [[email protected]], and looks the real deal. The link in the e-mail then takes you to a login page that looks IDENTICAL to the genuine login page - I won't publish the actual URL here in case someone does click it by mistake.

I'm glad I use Opera since it tells me when a site is secure or not! If you do want the link to see how genuine it looks, e-mail me.

It is just astonishing how brazen phishers are. Is there anyone official I can report this e-mail and link to other than to you guys?! Anyway, at least you've all been warned...

  €dstowe 06:21 23 Jul 05

Unfortunately, this is very common not only on eBay but their offshoot, PayPal and indeed, any other organisation that has any involvement with money.

We get these things on a daily basis from all sorts of places - many I have never previously heard of - asking for all sorts of details and making ludicrous offers of untold riches.

I believe eBay have a section on their website where you can easily report these phising activities.

For my part, I get so many of these things, I can't afford the time to report them so they go into the cyberspace wastebasket without even being read now.

  Falkyrn 09:14 23 Jul 05

Log onto ebay ... click on safety centre in left menu click on fake email and then follow the steps to report it.

  DrScott 10:06 23 Jul 05

Well I logged on there, and I think they've had so many it's a bit trickier to report. However their advice on avoiding phishing is useful...

  simonali 10:52 23 Jul 05
  spuds 12:51 23 Jul 05

Funny that you should comment on eBay phishing. I have never had any eBay phishing material in my email box, but I have just returned to eBay after a long absence. Guess what-started to receive 'dodgy' eBay emails. Now is that a coincidence or what!.

  €dstowe 16:09 23 Jul 05

Spuds, I've never used ebay or PaPal and I'm getting them all the time.

  Baz70 16:59 23 Jul 05

I also have received this mail and yes it does look very convincing and could easily catch out the unaware.

Stay vigilant folks.

  spuds 17:54 23 Jul 05

The emails that I received was very genuine looking, the obvious mistake was an extra 'i'in my email address, very naughty.

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