Les T 20:41 20 Apr 06

I am selling a mobile phone on eBay, it ends tommorrow and i have a few bids. Today i received the following (under the premise of a question), is it a scam (looks like it)?

do you want to resell brandstuff and make a lots of money? We are a leading company that offer
electronic and digital products you are looking for!
we sell the highest quality of lcd and plasma tvs,digital camera,cellphone,
mainly offer cell phone--sony,samsung,nokia,motorola and so on-- at lowest price!
we always make a good deal with our customers!
we always sell brand name products, have lots of good feedbacks for many years
so you can always buy in trust. we sell them all over the world.
and my msn is:
[email protected]
the email box is:
[email protected]
the more you buy,the cheaper it gets!
hope to hear from you soon.
your sincerely


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:49 20 Apr 06

Do you need to ask?????


  Les T 20:50 20 Apr 06

Fair point!!

  ayrmail 20:54 20 Apr 06

The 188.com part makes me think of a few auctions that have been hijacked recently with those there was a contact in Italy.

  hzhzhz 20:54 20 Apr 06

Might be legit but the naughty bit is the fact that they are using the "ask the seller a question" option, to advertise. Another opening for junk to get through.

  Les T 20:55 20 Apr 06

Hijacked? In what way?

  ayrmail 21:08 20 Apr 06

The auctions where hijacked, eBay’s term. The ebayers ratings seemed ok although they had never sold any mobile phones before and now they where selling all the new nokia's etc. in bulk and for knock down prices. The auction had links to an Italian web site promising top phones for little euros.

  Les T 21:12 20 Apr 06

Thanks for the info, i never responded to it. I was curious as to what exactly they were up to.

  ayrmail 21:23 20 Apr 06

You may get bid from zero rated bidders that have joined eBay recently, they may ask you to send to a relation that is having a birthday and lives in Nigeria, you may get an email which looks like it’s from pay pal saying payment received to get the money transferred just enter a dispatch/consignment number.
Again I don’t know how they do it but it’s all false.

  spuds 23:25 20 Apr 06

If you receive any unsolicited emails trying to offer bulk or special deals via eBays 'contact seller', then be extra vigilant as to where its all going to end.

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