DVI/Analogue LCD Monitor (and the best?)

  Smudge 10:37 03 Jul 03

I'm looking at LCD monitors at the moment (17 inch). Is it worth getting DVI over Analogue?. Anyone got any views on which are the best LCD monitors-I've been looking at CTX or LG.


  SEASHANTY 16:24 03 Jul 03

The best, of course, are EIZO but they are pricey which is why I haven't got that make. Halifax Bank have equipped all their offices with them. The more expensive models are equipped with both analogue and DVI connections.

  bfoc 16:34 03 Jul 03

An LG1710B which comes with both DVI and analogue connectors. It is a great monitor and the USB hub is very useful as well.

A DVI connection to a digital output card produces great results, but even the analogue connection is pretty good, it just, IMHO, lacks a little sharpness.

I'm sure others will have different views though.

  Rayuk 18:36 03 Jul 03

I have an Hitachi CML174SXW have been very happy with it,comes with a DVI cable excellent picture also works well in games 16ms response times.No dead pixels.
Now down to £335 at click here

  Ironman556 18:50 03 Jul 03

I've just bought an LG 1710B for £360 from anyweb PC's which is loacal to me, but I think they'll deliver too. (Cheaper than anywhere I've found online, the online shop doesn't give the choice thay can get hold of for you.)

I've just plugged it in, easy to set up, comes with software to help set up colours. DVI and analogue. All cables supplied.

The main differences between the B &S are that the 1710B includes USB ports on the stand and is thinner than the 1710S.

Looks great on Apps, Games and DVD's. Highly recommended :-D click here

  Ironman556 18:54 03 Jul 03

(click here for anyweb)

  rubans 14:25 04 Jul 03

Amazon has it for £340 and i think they do free delivery too...

  david-233692 18:25 04 Jul 03

I've just purchased an iiyamma 18.1" AS4612UTBK with DVI output from Scan.co.uk and simply cannot fault it. I doubt you will find a nicer looking monitor and it's a dream to use Cad with this screen. I recomend you have a look. The iiyama site list price is, £633.00 inclusive of VAT, my purchase £492.33 total! and that includes carriage.

  somar 19:40 04 Jul 03

I would definitely go with DVI .It gives considerably better picture wit much more vibrant colours. Only thing is that DVI cable can cost anything up to £20.

  rubans 17:57 07 Jul 03

think the Amazon deal also includes the dvi cable ( by the way i don't work for amazon) ...

  Ironman556 18:21 07 Jul 03

DVI and Analogue cables were included with mine.

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