DVD Regions

  EFC1878 22:24 23 Nov 05

I have been tasked with hunting down South Park 5 the complete series on DVD for a Xmas present.

The only version I can find is on CD-Wow but is listed as DVD Region 1.

Am I right in thinking that this is the USA/Canada region version and that the Region 1 DVD would not play here in the UK?

  Totally-braindead 22:37 23 Nov 05

It depends, if the DVD player you are trying to play it on is region free and it will tell you in the instructions somewhere whether it is or not, then it will play. My standalone DVD player isn't region free so it wouldn't play in mine at all. Also worth pointing out, if you play it in your PC DVD player then it will allow you to change the region, up to 4 times I think but once its done the last change its stuck and can't be changed, if its on region 1 for the last use then it will no longer play any European dvds. So I wouldn't recommend using the computers DVD drive.

  EFC1878 22:43 23 Nov 05

It struck after having posted my question that I don't know if the intended recipient has a Dregion free player or a standard player. I will have to make enquiries.

Thanks for the response. You have confirmed my understanding. I think I will hold back until I have the answer to the dvd player question

Thanks again

  Carbonara 22:47 23 Nov 05

Many Standalone DVD players can be made Region-Free quite simply.

  Totally-braindead 22:57 23 Nov 05

Good point there Carbonara, I forgot about that, quite a few stand alone dvd players and recorders can be made region free just by pressing the buttons in a particular sequence. You would need the make and model of the dvd player then hunt on the web to see if it can be done.

  EFC1878 22:58 23 Nov 05

Again I will find out more and see if it is possible.


  Carbonara 23:37 23 Nov 05

Good place to start looking click here

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