DVB-T TV USB Stick.... can they really work?

  mrwoowoo 01:29 09 Mar 08

Thinking of purchasing the above to watch tv on my pc and laptop.
As i live in a low digital signal area and have to use a signal booster for my tv,i have reservations about how effective a tv usb stick will be.After all,i have a normal size tv ariel and the usb stick ariels are tiny.
Anyone tried this sort of thing?

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  MAJ 01:34 09 Mar 08

What's the freeview reception like in your area?

  mrwoowoo 01:36 09 Mar 08

Fairly poor,i.e low signal strength,hence the post.

  MAJ 01:50 09 Mar 08

As far as I know, mrwoowoo, the signal strength needs to be pretty good to get a good picture on the PC, you will probably not even receive all the channels. You can plug your own roof aerial into it, if you think that will help.

  mrwoowoo 02:07 09 Mar 08

I did fear that may be the case.

  bjh 12:25 09 Mar 08

In my experience the Kworld USB thingies (U355?) work well, and are suitably sensitive to match reception of a Humax Fox T 2. They supply you with a teeny weeny aerial which does work but, as I have posted elsewhere, using either a larger indoor aerial or external aerial gives stronger signal.

If you live in a weak signal area, they won't work marvels. owever, work they do. There appears to be little difference in sensitivity of the different devices from what I have read, so you might as well buy the cheapest... see how it goes.

When it works, it really is a boon.

  Stuartli 13:53 09 Mar 08

Run a coaxial cable from your TV aerial amplifier (providing it's at least the two way type) and plug it into the end of the dongle's own aerial (they usually have the means to attach a more powerful aerial feed).

  mrwoowoo 14:21 09 Mar 08

Thanks for the info guys.
I'll tick as resolved.

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