Dust to Dust

  daz60 30 Apr 12

Does anyone know of a protective cover that can be placed over the keyboard/touchpad on my laptop,really does acquire dust and constant effort to clean.

Running an HPdv6 15.6 screen so must be quite large.

Thanks for replying.

  ams4127 30 Apr 12

I just cut up an old towel to use on mine. Not pretty, but very effective.

  carver 01 May 12

Some thing like this enter link description here

  hastelloy 01 May 12

A more expensive but effective option would be Keyboard glove Or if you want to go really mad KEYBOARD AND GLOVE - you only need the glove but they don't sell seem to them separately.

  hastelloy 01 May 12

Sorry - just realised its a laptop

  daz60 01 May 12


thanks..should have thought of Amazon.Hope it does not interfere with feedback from the keys.

thanks to the other guys also.

  wee eddie 01 May 12


  Woolwell 01 May 12

Close the lid of the laptop?

  wiz-king 01 May 12

Woolwell you said what I was thinking!

  daz60 02 May 12


I do close the laptop lid but dust still finds a way.

  wee eddie 04 May 12

There is one other solution.

Ignore the dust! Why worry, is anyone going to think the less of you .and if they do, do you really wany to know that kind of person


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