Dunedin Computers feedback

  logoff 11:06 26 Jan 08

This company trade through eBay and possibly elsewhere. Can anyone share any feedback of their systems or customer service?
Very grateful for any comments.

  Totally-braindead 11:56 26 Jan 08

Surely they are rated on Ebay and that would give you some idea?

Personally although I buy quite a lot through Ebay I hesitate to buy things like a complete PC. Its partly the returning the item that puts me off I must admit but also wondering if the company/person will be there in the future if something does go wrong.

Because of this I prefer to buy from a company that I know has been about a long time such as Novatech. I know theres no guarantee that they will still be there in 6 months time as businesses fold all the time but theres a much better chance they will still be there.

  logoff 18:43 26 Jan 08

Totally-braindead-your comments are appreciated -the feedback on eBay looks good but have read something recently about still being cautious as this may not fully reflect the true position-can't recall why.

I understand what you mean about the problem if something goes wrong-was thinking of buying a pretty much barebones system -no monitor, keyboard etc. and upgrading later.
Thanks again.

  Stuartli 23:54 26 Jan 08

BigPockets offers a large choice of barebones systems:

click here

  logoff 13:10 27 Jan 08

Thanks Stuartli-had not seen that site before -looks interesting.

  Teccie 13:32 20 Feb 08

It seems that Dunedin Computers (ww.dunedin-computers.com) do most of their business through their website NOT EBay, so I'm sure they are ok. I've checked out their feedback as well and it looks pretty good.

  logoff 19:49 20 Feb 08

Hi Teccie-thanks for that -I had come to much the same conclusion. They do some high spec machines for quite reasonable prices I think.

Thanks to all.

  Forum Editor 17:07 24 Apr 08

I have reason to believe that Teccie is/was connected with Redjag computers, from whom Dunedin Computers bought a website.

Dunedin Computers have contacted me to say that there is, however, no connection between Dunedin Computers and Redjag computers.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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