Dual Hard Drive Bay Laptops

  turner430 21:54 03 Jun 14


Basically I am after a reasonable spec laptop (8gb+ Memory, Decent Dedicated Graphics and decent processor) but I really want the a second hard drive bay to run a SSD for obvious reasons. I'm not really fussed about gimmicks such as massive screen or slates or tablets but would like to keep the optical drive. I'm also open to buying a non current model second hand so if there are older laptops that fit the spec throw them in.

I know Lenovo did some of their Y series with the capability of fitting additional SSD without sacrificing the optical drive. Are the current ones also able or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  wee eddie 23:42 03 Jun 14

There have been a few Hard Drives with a small SSD built into them, put on the market of late. Maybe that would solve your problem.

  turner430 09:11 04 Jun 14

I have considered the Hybrid drives but their performance still lags behind standard SSD considerably.

  rickf 10:11 04 Jun 14

Dell XPS

  turner430 10:35 04 Jun 14

Is that all XPS systems?

  HondaMan 18:17 04 Jun 14

Top end Acer range. Mine came with a 500GB drive but now it has 2 X 1TB drives in it. They all come with large screens though which is what gives them the physical space for a 2nd HDD

  turner430 20:41 04 Jun 14

Which range is that, V?

  rickf 09:55 05 Jun 14

Acer V3 771 and 772. Dell XPS 701, 702. There are others. You should google specs of any laptop you might be interested in.

  alanrwood 10:38 05 Jun 14

Top end Samsung has two drives. Mine is a NP-700G-7C-UK Not available any more I think unless somewhere has an odd one left. Quite expensive at around £1300 but an excellent machine. Try looking at the Samsung site and maybe there is an updated model there. Double HD models are usually for gaming.

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